From the origin and history of biscuit machine, the simplest form of biscuit product is a mixture of flour and water, which was found in ancient Egyptian tombs around BC4000. The actual cookie, however, dates back to Persia in the seventh century AD, when sugar technology was first developed and was widely used for cookies. Until around the 10th century, with the Muslim conquest of Spain, biscuits spread to Europe, and has since been spread in various Christian countries. By the 14th century, cookies had become the most popular snack in Europe, from the royal kitchen to the civilian street, are filled with the fragrance of cookies. The modern biscuit industry began in Britain in the 19th century when developed navigation technology was used to enter and leave the world. During the long voyage, bread was not suitable as a reserve food because of its high water content (35%-40%), so a bread with low water content was invented -- biscuit. Later, the number of biscuits needed was increased, and the population was also increasing, so the invention of biscuit machine could not only bring enough output, but also a wide variety of colors to meet the consumer's choice.

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